Combat Brothers – Tier 1 Coffee

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Der Combat Brothers TIER 1 COFFEE Röstkaffee aus ganzen Bohnen im wiederverschließbaren Stand-Ventil-Beutel.

Kaffeebohnen Mischung aus Robusta und Arabica von Afrika und Asien.

A real must have – you’ll get hooked after your first sip!!! Support your Veterans Organization.

We make sure to supply our members and support community with only the very finest quality products.  
This amazing product comes with a variety of options, so take your pick according to your own preferences!

500 gr. roasted / whole beans.

Tier 1 Coffee, a  blend with a unique aroma and a full body, rich in extraordinary roundness, composed of precious Robusta coffee from Africa and Asia, special selected and roasted over wood.

With each order, you support and we spend 10% to a veterans organization, you choose. 



Combat Brothers – Tier 1 Coffee
12,80 €

Grundpreis: 25,60 €/1000g

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