Combined TVRA & Security Planning (English)


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A professional TVRA will enable the manager to define and assess those threats and work towards relevant solutions suitable to his needs.

To understand your unique security needs, a detailed and methodical process is essential.

In this seminar, the participants will learn how to look at their operations from the attacker point of view- understanding what an attacker looks for, while planning an attack.

Security Planning The most crucial phase in setting up security operations is the planning phase. Planning takes into consideration the possible threats and implements the proper mitigation strategies to be deployed. Combining Manpower, Technologies, Procedures and Design, planning enables the organization to prepare for worst case scenarios, while operating at routine activities.

Planning takes into effect the principles of Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend into actionable processes to be implemented by security personnel, and employees at all levels. The course will enable the student to understand the principles of security planning, best practices, and integration, to create a holistic security plan that will enable business as usual for your organization during day to day, but will spring into full action in critical situations.

If you may have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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This 6 days course is divided into a 3 day TVRA and a 3 day Security Planning and will be hold in English – a minimum of 5 participants is required and not more than 15.

The course can be taken together (6 days) for Euro 2.500,- or separate (3 days each) for Euro 1.500,- Please check out our other course offers.

Next Courses are:

March 2nd-7th / 2020 Germany
May 4th-9th / 2020 Germany
September 7th-12th / 2020 Germany

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