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Combat Brothers Rubber Velcro Patch 3D


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Combat Brothers Patch “limited Edition”

72,6mm rubber/velcro


Combat Brothers MMC
a non-profit organization and a Veteran Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) of former or active military operators and/or “Privat Military Contractor” Operator (PMC) who served in various roles in the war on terror.

Veteran’s Creed

I Am A Veteran
I Have Seen And Done Things You May Not Understand
I Am A Warrior And Member Of A Team Spanning The World
I Have Served My Country Proudly And Now Standby To Serve My Brothers And Sisters in Arms
I Will Never Accept Defeat
I Will Never Quit
I Will Never Leave A Fallen Brother Or Sister
If They Are Hurt I Will Carry Them
If I Can’t Carry Them I Will Drag Them
I Will Help Them Face Their Enemies To Include The Demons From Within.
They Are My Brothers And Sisters
I Am A Veteran

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Dieser limitierte Patch “Combat Brothers” hat einen Durchmesser von 76,2mm und ist aus Gummi sowie auf der Rückseite mit hochwertigem Velcro versehen.
Ein must have für jeden Sammler und seine Patch-Wall.

Erhältlich nur hier bei uns.

This limited Patch “Combat Brothers” is 76,2mm, rubber and velcro on the backside.
It’s a must have for every collector’s Patch wall.

Only available at our shop.

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