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Combat Brothers Kaffee Tier 1 ganze Bohne 500g

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Der Combat Brothers TIER 1 COFFEE Röstkaffee aus ganzen Bohnen.
Im wiederverschließbaren Stand-Ventil-Beutel.

In dieser Auktion: 500g Combat Brothers Tier 1 Kaffee

Combat Brothers – Tier 1 Coffee

-Ganze Bohne
-Starke Röstung
-Perfekt für Espresso, Cappuccino und andere Kaffeearten.

Profitieren Sie bei einem Großkauf:

1x 500 gr Packung 15,00 € Einmalig
4x 500 gr Packung 11,80 € Monatsvorrat
12x 500 gr Packung 10,80 € Quartalsvorrat
48x 500 gr Packung 9,80 € Jahresvorrat

Grundpreis: 30,00€/1000g

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Kaffeebohnen Mischung aus Robusta und Arabica von Afrika und Asien.

Combat Brothers Kaffee Tier 1 ganze Bohne 500g

500 gr. roasted / whole beans.

Tier 1 Coffee, a  blend with a unique aroma and a full body, rich in extraordinary roundness, composed of precious Robusta coffee from Africa and Asia, special selected and roasted over wood.

A real must have – you’ll get hooked after your first sip!!! Support your Veterans Organization.

We make sure to supply our members and support community with only the very finest quality products.
This amazing product comes with a variety of options, so take your pick according to your own preferences!

With each order, you support and we spend 10% to a veterans organization, you choose.


TIER1 Coffee / Was ist Tier 1?
Der Begriff Tier 1 (Tier One) im US-Militär wird häufig als Special Mission Unit oder Special Mission Unit (SMU) bezeichnet.
Es wird insbesondere verwendet , um einige militärische Spezialeinheiten zu beschreiben.
Sie fallen unter das äußerst geheime Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) der USSOCOM


Combat Brothers MMC
a non-profit organization and a Veteran Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) of former or active military operators and/or “Privat Military Contractor” Operator (PMC) who served in various roles in the war on terror.

Veteran’s Creed

I Am A Veteran
I Have Seen And Done Things You May Not Understand
I Am A Warrior And Member Of A Team Spanning The World
I Have Served My Country Proudly And Now Standby To Serve My Brothers And Sisters in Arms
I Will Never Accept Defeat
I Will Never Quit
I Will Never Leave A Fallen Brother Or Sister
If They Are Hurt I Will Carry Them
If I Can’t Carry Them I Will Drag Them
I Will Help Them Face Their Enemies To Include The Demons From Within.
They Are My Brothers And Sisters
I Am A Veteran

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