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Combat Brothers Coffee Cup 500ml Totenkopf Edel Camping Geschenk Outdoor


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Becher Tasse Combat Brothers

Combat Brothers Coffee Cup

Fassungsvermögen ca. 500 ml

Metall: Emaille

Farbe: Schwarz/Silber/Weiss

Mit Henkel

Ein perfekter Begleiter und für alle Getränke !!!

In dieser Auktion nur der Becher zu erwerben.


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Becher Tasse von Combat Brothers



Combat Brothers MMC
a non-profit organization and a Veteran Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) of former or active military operators and/or “Privat Military Contractor” Operator (PMC) who served in various roles in the war on terror.

Veteran’s Creed

I Am A Veteran
I Have Seen And Done Things You May Not Understand
I Am A Warrior And Member Of A Team Spanning The World
I Have Served My Country Proudly And Now Standby To Serve My Brothers And Sisters in Arms
I Will Never Accept Defeat
I Will Never Quit
I Will Never Leave A Fallen Brother Or Sister
If They Are Hurt I Will Carry Them
If I Can’t Carry Them I Will Drag Them
I Will Help Them Face Their Enemies To Include The Demons From Within.
They Are My Brothers And Sisters
I Am A Veteran